on the activities of the combined trade union committee of the GPU “Makhsustrans” for the first half of 2019

       For the period January - June, the following activities were carried out by the joint trade union committee of the Office.

       In honor of International Women's Day, all women and girls working in the GPU “Makhsustrans” were given free tickets for the gala concert at the Khalar Dustligi Palace and for a performance in the Russian Academic Theater.

      In connection with the International Children's Day, visits to festive concerts were organized for all the children of the employees of the Department at the Khalular Dustligi Palace and the Alisher Navoi Palace of Arts.

     During the summer holidays, tickets for children's attractions were purchased and distributed to the children of the employees of the Department.

     A total of 36 615 000 soums were spent for these purposes.

     In order to strengthen the health status of workers, vouchers were allocated to the sanatorium “Kibray” and “Chortok”, the Ibn Sino Clinic, and the Republican Endocronological Center for a total of 11,490,520 soums.

    600,000 soums were spent on sports and recreational activities.

    In the reporting period, poor workers were provided with financial assistance in the amount of 1,900,000 soums.