image 2019-09-24

Eco-action was held in Tashkent on World Health Day

Ecology in the format of #trashtagchallenge under the motto “Ecology begins with us” under the motto “Ecology begins with us” together with the Tashkent city department of ecology and environmental protection, the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, the State Welfare Fund and the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan. The campaign was organized.

The purpose of the eco-campaign is to maintain cleanliness among the public, government, the media and commercial organizations in Uzbekistan, as well as to increase the environmental awareness of the population, which is celebrated on World Cleanliness Day in 158 countries.

The event was attended by citizens who are not indifferent to the environment and are ready to make a worthy contribution to the protection of the environment. Participants were provided with the necessary tools (gloves, garbage bags, etc.) to clear the area.