image 2021-02-23

New waste collection system to be introduced in 24 mahallas of Tashkent Society 12:29 1079

Earlier, the Presidential Decree "On measures to improve the implementation of work on household and construction waste in Tashkent" was adopted. This year, selective collection will be introduced in two districts in each district of Tashkent - a total of 24 mahallas. According to the Information Service of the Tashkent city administration, residents of these mahallas will be given colorful packages. Yellow bags are for recyclable waste (paper and plastic), green bags are for organic waste (food scraps, leaves, grass), and gray bags are for non-recyclable waste (shoes, napkins, diapers). Twice a week, trucks with colorful green and gray-yellow stickers come to pick up the trash (more coming in the summer). For this purpose, Mahsustrans purchased 59 new special vehicles at the expense of ADB grants, which are currently affixed with stickers. In order to encourage the collection of waste by sorting, the tariff for the removal of QMC to families will be reduced. Arrangements are being made to inform the population of the mahallas selected for the experiment about the need for QMC screening. Schools and neighborhood committees are expected to organize lectures, interesting lessons, concerts and small hashars on relevant topics.