image 2019-07-22

Cеминар “UNDP”

          July 19, representatives of the “Mahsustrans” participated in the seminar, which was organized by “UNDP” at the Ministry of innovation development of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the use of behavioral methods (behavioral methods), which are widely used in the UK, USA, Australia and other countries to motivate citizens to make decisions for the good of the country by indirect motives. The seminar addressed the use of “The Nudge Theory” - the theory of nudges, which puts before itself the goal of making fruitful decisions beneficial to society by bringing citizens to a particular problem, but not a direct appeal, but rather an incentive to the selection of that decision which will be fruitful for the country. Thus, the aim of the seminar was the application of this method in Uzbekistan for solution of various tasks. In General, it was suggested 6 possible areas for use of behavioral methods (behavioral methods), among which questions were raised about the safety of the ground for pedestrians, encouraging the use of bins for domestic waste, improve systems of utility bills, saving water etc. 

          Was also proposed ideas regarding the separation of waste types for further processing and possible secondary use for saving the available raw materials. This raised question about the use of relaxed forms of reminder to the citizens on waste management through various methods such as the use of several types of urns for different types of waste is very important issue for our country. Subsequently, it will be possible to reduce the use of wood for production of paper or greatly reduce the use of plastic bags with the right disposal of garbage. Moreover, the “Mahsustrans” expressed their interest in participating in future conferences and seminars organized by the “UNDP” and the Ministry of innovation development of the Republic of Uzbekistan regarding the use of behavioral methods ( behavioral methods) or associated with other subjects. 

          Many thanks to Alisher Faizullaev and Nodira Mukhammadkulova the organization “UNDP” for holding such an informative seminar on the application of behavioral methods ( behavioral methods) and the theory of nudge ( the Nudge Theory ) for solving different problems with motivation of citizens to make decisions fruitful for the country.