image 2019-09-05

What are the utilization fees and who should pay them?

In many countries of the world there is a system of recycling vehicles. There are a number of goals for this:

1. Ecology and environmental protection;

2. Support for local manufacturers;

3. Increase the volume of secondary raw materials after the transfer of waste for recycling;

4. Creation of additional enterprises, creation of jobs through the use of the system.

A similar bill is being discussed in Uzbekistan. So what happens if this process is for us?

To clarify this issue, we spoke with the head of the department of the State Committee for Ecology Umidzhon Abduzhalilov.

- Umidjon aka, let's start our conversation with a question that interests everyone. Will the implementation of the bill lead to higher car prices?

- Automotive industry experts must answer this question. I will only reveal the important aspects of this law of our ecology. First of all, we need to understand why we need processing and recycling. Disposal decisions have been made before us. Remember, there was a time when there were a lot of scrapings and scrapings. As a result of this action, paper waste on our streets was reduced, and unoccupied pieces of iron were completely lost. Because delivery points have appeared. Later, the streets were filled with glue bottles, which we call bottles. Once their admission systems were set up and paid, they began to collect, and poor people learned how to capitalize on it.

Similarly, sooner or later, cars will become obsolete. There are still many cars on the street. In developed and even developing countries of the world, a car recycling system has been launched, and we need to do it.

“You mean that we have many old cars that are assembled and recycled, as we saw abroad, that is, a system based on the selection, demolition and production of raw materials.”

- Of course, this is the goal. Because the machine is a more complex product. Many see the old as ordinary iron. But its tire should be processed separately, for example, a motor or a mirror. Therefore, this process is taken very seriously, and not just the collection of paper or glue.

- The creation of such processing plants will require significant investments. How to solve the problem of financial resources?

- There are several suggestions. When studying foreign experience, in most cases, when importing a car into the territory of the state, fees and usage fees are charged. For local cars, the cost of the car is added to the cost of disposal or paid separately. Sometimes a certain payment amount is also used in the processing process. As I said, automotive industry experts draw their conclusions on this issue.