image 2019-08-28

Uzbekistan will introduce technologies for plasma utilization of municipal solid waste

       Uzbekistan and Singapore discussed issues related to the solution of household waste disposal.


Issues of cooperation on the implementation of plasma technologies for waste management in the Republic of Uzbekistan were discussed on August 27 during a meeting of the Chairman of the State Committee on Ecology and Environment of the Republic of Uzbekistan B. Kuchkarov with the Executive Vice President of Singapore-based Alpha Global Capital (S) Pte. Ltd. ”by Samad Salim and the company's specialists, the website of the State Committee for Ecology and Environmental Protection reports.

The advantages of plasma recycling technology are that it is effective and does not adversely affect the environment and public health. Plasma waste management does not require sorting and reduces the cost of disposal, being a simple and cost-effective way.

In particular, a plasma installation can process up to 5 tons of waste per day and produce heat or electricity, and the 5% ash generated can be used as fertilizer in agriculture or in the production of building materials.

It is planned to implement the investment project “Implementation of advanced technologies for the disposal of solid waste”, with a total value of 15 million US dollars. Singapore investors expressed their willingness to share and share effective technologies in this area.